NYMHCA Tech Team Sign-up!
Thank you for your interest in joining our Tech Team!

With so much of counselors' ongoing and continuing education being presented virtually, there is a great need for people to join our team of hosts and tech hosts!

The tech host's job is take care of duties that the host does not have time for.  Those duties include: signing into Zoom a few minutes before admitting people into the webinar, taking attendance at the beginning and end of the presentation, monitoring/managing questions and comments in the chat, etc.  
Would you require a tutorial on being a tech host?  Instructions will be provided and a Zoom meeting could be scheduled.
Have you been a host or tech host in the past?  If so how many times?
Are you a NYMHCA member?
Are you a:
Email address:
What else should we know about you?
Please tell us of your availability.  All tech hosts and hosts will be contacted with the date/time of a presentation.  The first person to respond to the call will be assigned that webinar.

For being a host or a tech host we are pleased to offer you the following:  

            Please indicate your choices.

For counselor education students  

     - FREE professional development hours to satisfy course requirements.

     - FREE 1 year NYMHCA membership for being a tech host for 5 webinars.

     - $10 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for each time you are a tech host.

     - FREE NYMHCA T-shirt for being a tech host once.

For LMHCs  FREE CEUs for each webinar

For LMHCs who are not NYMHCA members  50% discount on a 1-year membership for being a tech host for 5 webinars.

I do not require any compensation for being a tech host.  I enjoy volunteering.   
NYMHCA membership is not required.
    What is a webinar host?

 The webinar host introduces the   presenter to the registrants by   reading the presenter’s bio.   He/she also introduces the tech   host and explains the tech host’s   role.

 The host gives instructions   regarding staying on mute during   the webinar, how to pose   questions, when there will be a   bathroom break, how they will   receive their survey, etc..

I have been a webinar host.
I have been a tech host.
I want to be a host.
I want to be a tech host.
​I want to be a tech host for the NYMHCA Convention!
retired LMHC
counselor educator
counseling student
Yes, tutorial
No tutorial needed
Yes...free CEUs
Yes....free membership after 5 times.
Yes, I want free PD hours.
Just volunteering
I would like the 50% member discount
Yes...tech host!