Each year NYMHCA seeks a new student representative to sit on the Board of Directors. This is an extraordinary opportunity for a student to take on a leadership position for their professional organization. The student is appointed by the NYMHCA president to a full voting position on the board. This means that the student's vote has equal weight with other board members.

The term of office for the student representative is one year. The term begins July 1st and ends on June 30th the following year. The requirements and responsibilities are:

     ~ The applicant needs to be a NYMHCA member in good standing.

     ~ The applicant must have at least one more year of graduate education after July of the current year.

     ~ The applicant must be willing to play an active role in moving NYMHCA and the profession forward by organizing the 
        Student Meeting at the NYMHCA Convention or making a presentation to counselor educators during the Counselor 
        Educator Meeting.

     ~ The applicant must be prepared to write brief articles about student concerns for each NYMHCA Quarterly (4 times a 
        year), and the Counselor Educator Newsletter (twice a  year)

     ~ The applicant must be available for 4 board meetings a year. Three of the quarterly board meetings are on Saturday 
        mornings as conference calls. One will be in Albany for an April meeting during either the NYMHCA Convention or 
        Counselor Educator Meeting (they alternate annually). The student representative does not have to pay for registrations 
        for either event.

Form submissions should be submitted no later than June 15th. The chosen student will be notified no later than July 1st. Questions may be addressed to NYMHCA@ optonline.net.

Student Representative to the NYMHCA Board of Directors
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In order to be eligible for this position you need to be a member of NYMHCA in good standing.