Welcome to NYMHCA's page just for students and new graduates of mental health counseling programs!  This page will be revised often and new information and resources become available.  If you have information you think should be shared with students or new grads, please email us with that information.
Chi Sigma Iota  

We welcome the posting here of information regarding the activities of the more than 12 Chi Sigma Iota chapters in New York State.  Do you belong to a chapter whose activities help to advance the profession?  Please email us, so we can post it here.
NYMHCA Regional Chapters!

Students are encouraged to join their local regional NYMHCA chapter.  There you will find educational and professional opportunities.  You will meet counselors who are working in the field and who might consider becoming student mentors.  Go to our "Regional Chapters" page for more info on a chapter near you.
Student / New Graduate Page 

Mentoring Program

NYMHCA's new Mentoring Program is statewide!  Click on the link on the left to see the overview.  You can then click on the link at the bottom to see the names of the volunteer mentors.
NYMHCA Logo Merchandise

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For those applying for limited permits......from Dr. David Hamilton of the Office of Professions

"There is a seasonal volume of mail, as applicants in all the professions apply in May, June, and July; we have a number of temporary staff continuing to help out with the backlog. Of course, summer is also the primary vacation time.

Permits are processed on a daily basis, but cannot be issued until the applicant's application for licensure is approved (including a review of any "yes" answer to moral character questions), AND we have received Form 2 from the applicant's college to verify receipt of the qualifying degree. Often schools have a backlog in sending out Form 2, which impacts the rest of the process. 

The applicant should follow up with a supervisor, colleague or school that has been asked to submit information, to make sure it has been sent. When we finally get an electronic system, the applicants will have the ability to verify the status of the application, including what has or has not been received--plus maximizing the electronic submission of information will reduce or eliminate mail processing!"

For those waiting for their license.....

"We do not review experience until we have received a passing score on the licensure exam from the NBCC. While the candidate may receive an unofficial report when leaving the test center, we do not receive all scores for that month until the following month. When the scores are uploaded, then all files with passing scores are "pulled" and put into the Board's queue for review. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to complete the review, depending on staff schedule."
The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for Counseling Students who are dedicated to serving and representing NYMHCA on their campus! Student Ambassadors serve as the liaison between the NYMHCA Student Committee and the student body on their campus.  

Student Ambassadors must be currently enrolled in a counseling program (or related discipline). Student Ambassadors will receive a One-Year membership FREE for their efforts with the following responsibilities:
Represent NYMHCA during college/program specific events.
Coordination with program administration and faculty is needed.
Encourage membership among fellow students by distributing printed materials and talking to them about NYMHCA and the work we do on their behalf.  
Place promotional materials in high-traffic areas in school.
Keeping students informed of NYMHCA events and local chapter events, through: email, in person, school newsletters, program’s Facebook pages, etc.
Connect with local NYMHCA chapter to coordinate efforts such as a graduation breakfast held for graduating students, and invitations to attend chapter meetings
Connect with NYMHCA Student Committee by email and one conference-call per semester.
Help students to understand the importance of maintaining their NYMHCA membership after graduation 

To apply to become a Student Ambassador on your campus, click on the link on the left.
Student Ambassador Program