Student Ambassador Requirements for Free Membership
NYMHCA greatly values the work of our Student Ambassadors and we are pleased to offer a FREE 1-year membership for those who complete the following activities: 
For ambassadors who are already NYMHCA members, membership will be free upon renewal if they can show they completed 5 activities and/or the recruitment of 5 students during the semester.
After 5 or more activities, ambassadors will submit activity reports that describe each activity and the results of their efforts to inform and recruit.

Ambassadors will submit an action plan to NYMHCA.  The plan needs to include activities which will encourage interest in how NYMHCA represents the future and current mental health counselors in New York.
Ambassadors will download all pertinent documents sent to them to use in their activities.  With the approval of their department chair, they will print off copies of the flier included with the documents and distribute them in appropriate places on the campus.
Ambassadors will be sent vinyl NYMHCA banners to used during campus events where the ambassador is engaged in a a recruitment activity.