New York Mental Health Counselors Association

 Student Ambassador Program Information and Application
The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for Counseling Students who are dedicated to serving and representing NYMHCA on their campus! Student Ambassadors serve as the liaison between the NYMHCA Student Committee and the student body on their campus.  

Student Ambassadors must be currently enrolled in a counseling program (or related discipline) and be current members of NYMHCA or will join NYMHCA as soon as they become an ambassador for their school. Student Ambassadors will receive a One-Year membership FREE for their efforts with the following responsibilities:

     •Represent NYMHCA during college/program specific events.

     •Coordination with program administration and graduate school faculty is needed.

     •Encourage membership among fellow students by distributing printed materials and       
             talking to them about NYMHCA and the work we do on their behalf.  

     •Place promotional materials in high-traffic areas in school.

     •Keeping students informed of NYMHCA events and local chapter events, through: email, 
             in person, school newsletters, program’s Facebook pages, etc.

     •Connect with local NYMHCA chapter to coordinate efforts such as a graduation breakfast 
             held for graduating students, and invitations to attend chapter meetings

     •Connect with NYMHCA Student Committee by email and one conference-call per 

     •Help students to understand the importance of maintaining their NYMHCA membership 
             after graduation.

Student Ambassador Application
Graduation Month/Year:
Do you plan to have a co-ambassador? ...If yes......
Reasons for applying:
Name of Graduate School:
If so, please provide your member number:
Renewal month/year:
Faculty member email address:
Are you a NYMHCA member?
Mailing address:
Name of department chair or faculty liaison:
Co-ambassador's graduation month/year: 
Co-ambassador's phone:
Co-ambassador's email:
​Co- ambassador's name:
Is there anything else the Student Committee needs to know about you?
Is co-ambassador a NYMHCA member?
Co-ambassador's member number:
Co-ambassador's renewal month/year:
 If you need help providing your member   number and/or your renewal date, email us:   NYMHCA2@optonline for assistance.
The co-ambassador needs to also apply.
**Are you already a Student Ambassador for a NYMHCA Regional Chapter?  If yes.....
Name of chapter:
Name of contact person for chapter:
Email of contact person for chapter: