New York Mental Health Counselors Association

 Student Ambassador Program Information and Application
The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for Counseling Students who are dedicated to serving and representing NYMHCA on their campus!   

Student Ambassadors must be currently enrolled in a counseling program (or related discipline) and be current members of NYMHCA or will join NYMHCA as soon as they become an ambassador for their school. Student Ambassadors will receive a 1-Year membership FREE for their efforts with the following responsibilities:

     •Encourage membership among fellow students by distributing printed materials and       
             speaking to them about NYMHCA and the work NYMHCA does on their behalf.  

     •Place promotional materials in high-traffic areas in school buildings.

     •Keeping students informed of NYMHCA events and local chapter events, through: email, 
             in person, school newsletters, the program’s Facebook pages, etc.  

     •      Represent NYMHCA during college/program specific events.

     •Connect with local NYMHCA chapter to coordinate efforts such as a graduation 
              breakfast held for graduating students, and invitations to attend chapter meetings.  

     -)  Participate in scheduled Zoom meetings with Student Ambassador Program Coordinator 
          and fellow ambassadors.

Student Ambassador Application
Graduation Month/Year:
Do you plan to have a co-ambassador? ...If yes......
Reasons for applying:
Name of Graduate School:
If so, please provide your member number:
Renewal month/year:
Faculty member email address:
Are you a NYMHCA member?
Mailing address:
Name of department chair or faculty liaison:
Co-ambassador's graduation month/year: 
Co-ambassador's phone:
Co-ambassador's email:
​Co- ambassador's name:
Is there anything else the program coordinator needs to know about you?
Is co-ambassador a NYMHCA member?
Co-ambassador's member number:
Co-ambassador's renewal month/year:
 If you need help providing your member   number and/or your renewal date, email us:   NYMHCA2@optonline for assistance.
The co-ambassador needs to also apply.
**Are you already a Student Ambassador for a NYMHCA Regional Chapter?  If yes.....
Name of chapter:
Name of contact person for chapter:
Email of contact person for chapter:
If you have been accepted as a Student Ambassador please fill out this form.