How to Upgrade Your Member Services
Step 1. Click on the "Current Members Edit Records" button on the left of the Member's Only page.

Step 2.  Type in your default password.  Your default password allows you access to our database until you choose your personal password while upgrading your member services.  Your default password consists of your first name, your zip code and then your last name. For example:   mary11773jones

Please remember to click on the "Start Search" button after typing in your default password, to obtain entrance into the database.  If you use the "enter" button on your keyboard, you will get an error message.

Step 3.  When reviewing your membership infomation you will have the option of choosing to be in our online Find a Counselor and Find a Supervisor directories.

For Find a Counselor you will be asked to choose "yes" or "no" and then if you choose "yes" you will be asked whether you want a basic listing  (FREE!) or an expanded listing (pro-rated based on when you renew your NYMHCA membership).  The system will tell you when you are due to renew.

If you want to grow your counseling practice, the expanded listing can provide potential clients with much more information about you than the basic listing.  Examples of both types of listings are available for you to see.

Step 4. View your listing.  Once you choose your membership upgrades, they will immediately appear in the directories.

Step 5.  Pay for any upgrades that require additional fees.  To do that you can click on the yellow button on the totals page or print off the application and mail in to us with your check. 

*Please note:  Any services upgrades not payed for within a 2 week period will be deleted.

*If you are still having difficulty in upgrading your member services, please call or email us.  We would be happy to assist you!