New York Mental Health Counselors Association

Organizational Membership Application
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Organizations, universities and businesses may join NYMHCA as a way of supporting advocacy efforts for the profession of mental health counseling, support their LMHC staff members, and so they can be regularly informed of the advocacy and other NYMHCA events and activities.

An Organizational Membership is renewed annually for a fee of $200.  A membership certificate suitable for framing is included in the annual dues.  No voting or holding office privileges come with this membership.  No individual members of the school/agency will have member privileges unless they join NYMHCA on their own.

A member organization is allowed to have one representative who represents the organization as a member of a local NYMHCA chapter. The NYMHCA and chapter memberships of that person are covered by the organizational membership fee. All other members of the organization who want to attend chapter meetings must be individual members of NYMHCA and the chapter.
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If you choose to pay for your organizational membership by credit card click on the button below.  You  will be directed to  NYMHCA uses the secure payment processing services of to handle online credit and debit transactions.  
*After processing your credit card payment yourself, use your "BACK" button to return to this page, and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom so we receive your application.
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*  Please note:  This application is for organizations ONLY.  To join as an individual please visit our homepage and click on "Join NYMHCA."