New York Mental Health Counselors Association

                     Continuing Education Program

NYMHCA's  continuing education program was developed to provide you with the continuing education programs that you need to fulfill your LMHC license renewal process every 3 years. 

NYMHCA will offer only live, in-person programs such as workshops given during our regional chapter meetings, webinars and workshops given during our biennial conventions. Attendees will fill out and hand in a survey and receive their completion certificates!
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*** If you attend a CEU workshop presented by one of NYMHCA's 10 Regional Chapters the 
     fee schedule is as follows:

       - If you are a NYMHCA Chapter Member - $5 per CEU
       - If you are a NYMHCA member but not a chapter member - $10 per CEU
       - If you are not a NYMHCA member - $20 per CEU
       - Students, new grads and members of other professions are welcome to attend these 
         workshops. You will only pay if you require CEU's.

  - Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs), and CASACs can use these CEU workshops to 
    fulfill a portion of the continuing education requirements for the renewal of their 
Questions? Contact our Continuing Education Program Coordinator, Mitch Cole,
CE Presentations:
Non-members are welcome to attend NYMHCA chapters' CEU workshops.  See fee schedule above!

 Due to the corona virus pandemic we will work to develop webinars that can satisfy continuing   education requirements for licensed mental health counselors.  At this time we are only posting   virtual workshops.

Date: 7/24/21
Time: 10am – 12 pm
Title: Naloxone training
Presenter: Mandee Nann, OASAS trainer

Event Description: Participants learn to recognize, respond to and reverse a suspected opioid overdose using intranasal naloxone (Narcan), and how to obtain naloxone for their use as rescuers. 

CEUs: 2

Cost: Free training provided by OASAS. 


 Date: Saturday, July 10th, 2021
 Time: 11 AM - 12 PM
 Event Title: Aligning Mind and Body: Behavioral Health Treatment and Chiropractic Care
 Presenter/s: David W. Eckert, Dr. Alex Eckert, & Dr. Sherry Nau
 Event Description: This presentation will focus on the body's conscious and preconscious responses to   stress and trauma, the mind-body connection, increasing awareness of this dynamic, and understanding   what individuals can do to thrive both emotionally and physically in today’s world. Content on the mind-   body connection will be drawn from the work of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Patricia Ogden, and Dr. Dan   Siegel. Emphasis will be placed on a holistic approach to healing that is centered in mindfulness and   healthy life choices. The neurobiology of stress will be reviewed from a biopsychosocial perspective and   Dr. Alex Eckert will demonstrate how the effects of stress and trauma are stored by the body and treated   through chiropractic care. Sherri Nau, LCSW, will show how an understanding of the mind-body   connection, and effective collaboration with a chiropractor, can help clients with a great number of   presenting concerns. The goal of this presentation is to help participants understand how emotional and   physical wellness are intertwined, and how to use integrated treatment approaches to activate change.
 Available CEUs: 1
 Cost of CEUs:
MHCGR Member: $5
NYMHCA Member (NOT local chapter member): $10
NON-NYMHCA Member: $20
Students/No CEU needed: FREE
Registration Link:

Date:  9/18/21
Time:  10 to noon
Presented by the S.I. Chapter
Presenter: Mary Powell, Ph.D. LCSW-R, NCPsyA  
Dr. Powell is an intensively trained DBT therapist with over 20 years of experience.
This presentation will provide an in-depth training on the skills of DBT.

2 CEUs available

NYMHCA and chapter members $10
NYMHCA members (no chapter) $20
No NYMHCA membership $40
FREE if no CEUs needed!

Register by contacting: