New York Mental Health Counselors Association

                     Continuing Education Program

NYMHCA's  continuing education program was developed to provide you with the continuing education programs that you need to fulfill your LMHC license renewal process every 3 years. 

NYMHCA will offer only live, in-person programs such as workshops given during our regional chapter meetings, webinars and workshops given during our biennial conventions. Attendees will fill out and hand in a survey and receive their completion certificates!
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*** If you attend a CEU workshop presented by one of NYMHCA's 10 Regional Chapters the 
     fee schedule is as follows:

       - If you are a NYMHCA Chapter Member - $5 per CEU
       - If you are a NYMHCA member but not a chapter member - $10 per CEU
       - If you are not a NYMHCA member - $20 per CEU
       - Students, new grads and members of other professions are welcome to attend these 
         workshops. You will only pay if you require CEU's.

  - Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs), and CASACs can use these CEU workshops to 
    fulfill a portion of the continuing education requirements for the renewal of their 
Questions? Contact our Continuing Education Program Coordinator, Mitch Cole,
CE Presentations:
Non-members are welcome to attend NYMHCA chapters' CEU workshops.  See fee schedule above!

 Due to the corona virus pandemic we will work to develop webinars that can satisfy continuing   education requirements for licensed mental health counselors.  At this time we are only posting   virtual workshops.

ZOOM PRESENTATION – Sponsored by the NYMHCA Staten Island chapter

June 5, 2021 – 10:30 to 11:30 (1 CEU available)

Presented by: Gary Bisogna, LMHC, CEAP
What are the current tools in the therapist’s toolbox? • When is it optimal to use which tools? • How do we best teach our clients about anxiety and how to manage it?
CEU Cost:
NYMHCA and chapter members $5
NYMHCA members only (no chapter membership) $10
Non-members $20
Free for students and anyone not needing the CEU certificate
Rsvp to:

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021
Time: 10AM -1:15PM
The NYMHCA Learning Institute Presents: Achieving Social Justice, Empowering Young Black & Brown Minds

Presenter: Sonia Hinds, APRN, PMH-BC, RPT-S 

Children, Black and Brown, in our society are faced with racism daily, resulting in fear, anxiety, and even Race-Based Trauma. As advocates for children, therapists utilizing play therapy need to be well informed about racism, social injustice and the impact these have on the lives of the children served. Directive and non-directive play therapy approaches will be presented to enable therapists to connect with children, impart empathy, healing, and empowerment. Strategies include bibliotherapy, use of art, music and play.

Available CEUs: 2

Cost for CEUs:
NYMHCA member: $15/CEU
Non-NYMHCA member: $20/CEU
Student member: Free

Date: Sunday, June 27, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
The NYMHCA Learning Institute Presents: Improv for Building Counseling Relationship - A Zoom presentation.

Presenter: Joan Ingalls, LMHC, Ed.D., MA & Jennifer Bullock, LCS

The Counseling relationship isn't just a vehicle for problem-solving or an empathic emotional environment for sharing. Emerging research and practice modalities point to how the activity of building that relationship can support emotional growth and make problems vanish, for it is our emotional underdevelopment that produces many problems. 

In this experiential workshop, attendees play improv theater games and participate in role-plays. We explore how improv helps us be more present - better listeners and responders - as we build our relationships. Participants gain skills for continuously building the counseling relationship throughout the course of therapy.

Available CEUs: 2

Cost for CEUs:
NYMHCA member: $15/CEU
     Non-NYMHCA member: $20/CEU
     Student NYMHCA member: Free!

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