NYMHCA Mentoring Program
NYMHCA is proud to announce the establishment of a statewide mentoring program!  Mentees no longer have to choose mentors who live/work close by. Mentors and mentees who live on opposite sides of New York State can now engage in the mentoring process based on the needs of the mentee.

  ~ If you are a student and want help in planning the next stage of your career, you can be mentored.
  ~ If you are a new grad who wants help in establishing yourself in your field, you can be mentored.
  ~ If you are a practicing professional who is interested in learning how to build a private practice or who wants guidance from someone who specializes in a          different area of practice, you can be mentored.

Mentoring Program Overview

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the NYMHCA Mentoring Program is to bring students and new graduates of mental health counseling programs together with licensed mental health counselors to help them navigate their professional development as counselors. Effective mentoring, like counseling, places an importance on the relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee. Mutual trust, respect, commitment, and collegiality are important to the relationship and the process.

Goals of the program: 

  •    Goal 1: To facilitate mental health counseling graduate students’ transition to new professional mental health counselor status.
  •    Goal 2: To facilitate mental health counseling new graduates transition into professional practice.
  •    Goal 3: To encourage the development of relationships with professionals in the mental health counseling field around New York State.

Definition and Limitations of Mentoring:

  •    Mentoring is a structured and trusted relationship that matches new mental health counseling professionals with more accomplished ones with the     
  •    goal of guiding and supporting and encouraging the development of the Mentee.
  •    Mentoring is not counseling or psychotherapy, nor is it supervision. If stressors are deemed to require counseling, Mentees may be referred by the 
  •    Mentor to another individual for counseling.

Guidelines for time commitment and timeline of mentoring relationship:

  •   Mentors and Mentees will agree to enter into a formal mentoring relationship that will exist for no less than six months and no more than one year from the       date of the first meeting.
  •  Mentors and Mentees will agree to be in contact a minimum of once a month by the methods convenient for both parties.

Eligibility of Mentors and Mentees:

  •  Mentors are licensed counselors and counselor educators that take part in an intentional relationship with a counseling graduate student member or pre-    licensed member. 
  • Mentors are required to be NYMHCA members and licensed for at least 2 years.

  •   A Mentee is a member of NYMHCA in good standing and must meet one of the following:
  •   Is enrolled in a counseling graduate program
  •   Holds a limited permit and is employed as a new counselor, or is looking for a job
  •   Is counseling in a practice area that is new to them

Roles & expectations of Mentors & Mentees:

  • Mentors & Mentees are to be members in good standing of NYMHCA.
  • Mentors & Mentees are expected to be knowledgeable of and abide by the AMHCA Code of Ethics.
  • Participation in the mentor program is voluntary. No compensation will be provided nor will hours of experience be granted.
  • The Mentee’s supervision is separate from the mentor program and Mentors agree to not interfere or intervene in the Mentee’s supervision.

Benefits & Rewards for both Mentors & Mentees:

Benefits for Mentees include:

  • Learning opportunities for Mentees
  • Exposure to role-modeling of more experienced professionals
  • Gaining wider perspective on work-related problems and issues of counseling professionals
  • Psychosocial support in the form of friendship, acceptance and confirmation
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career planning
  • Enhanced job performance

Benefits for Mentors include:

  • Learning opportunities for Mentors
  • Gaining greater perspective on counselors’ work-related issues and problems
  • Developing a personal relationship with protégés
  • Personal gratification
  • Self-reflection and personal growth

​Confidentiality and Disclaimers

  •   Confidentiality will be maintained under the rules as outlined in the AMHCA’s Code of Ethics.
  •   NYMHCA’s Mentor Program aims to facilitate licensed (clinical) members and pre-licensed (student/new professional) members to share 
  •   information and knowledge regarding the profession of counseling. Although the credentials, qualifications, and/or other information regarding 
  •   the program participants may be provided to NYMHCA, NYMHCA does not make any representations as to the qualifications or the competence of 
  •   the Mentor Program participants. In addition, NYMHCA does not recommend or endorse the participants or the services they provide.

Conflict resolution, grievance, and relationship termination

     Mentors and Mentees have the right to end the Mentoring relationship prior to the time commitment originally determined by both parties.
     Before doing so, Mentors and Mentees will agree to speak with a member of the NYMHCA Board of Directors.

     In the case of serious grievance, Mentors and Mentees have the right to file a grievance with the NY State Department of Education. Neither the  
     New York Mental Health Counselors Association, its Board of Directors, nor its Committee on Ethics, will investigate or adjudicate  
     ethical complaints. 

     In the event a member has his or her license suspended or revoked by an appropriate state licensure board, the NYMHCA Board of Directors 
     may then act in accordance with NYMHCA's By-Laws to suspend or revoke his/her membership. Any member so suspended may 
     apply for reinstatement upon the reinstatement of his or her licensure. 

If you have read the overview and guidelines above and want to volunteer as a mentor, click on the Mentor Application link below.

If you have read the overview and guidelines above and want to be mentored, click on the Approved Mentor List link.