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NYMHCA: Helping you to realize your professional dreams!

NYMHCA has established a PAC (politcal action committee) so we can make dontaions to legislators' re-election campaigns and in that way alert legislators to the legislative needs and issues of Mental Health Counselors.  All donations to legislative action will go to fund the PAC and help to promote our profession.  To make a donation to the PAC, click on "CLANY" above or contact the NYMHCA office.


HHS Issues Letter to Providers on Disclosures To Avert Threats to Health or Safety

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a letter to health care providers to ensure that they are aware of their ability under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule to take action, consistent with their ethical standards or other legal obligations, to disclose necessary information about a patient to law enforcement, family members of the patient, or other persons, when they believe the patient presents a serious danger to himself or other people.

To read the letter click here.
NYS Justice Center

LMHC's are mandated reporters for the Justice Center which was created to protect people with special needs who are abused by helping professionals.  The law takes effect on June 30th, 2013, and as mandated reporters we should know how the reporting and investigating process will work.

For this information please read the foollowing document:


Online training for Mandated Reporters:
General Info -

Mandated Reporter -

VPCR hotline -

Out-of-state placements -

Surrogate Decision Making -

Taking the licensure exam?  NYMHCA offers exam prep workshops for individuals or small groups!  Click on the link above for more info!
Convention 2016!

On April 15th, we welcomed close to 350 counselors, students and educators to the Albany Marriott!  It was an an exciting weekend of workshops, panel discussions, a humorous keynote speaker and a fun DJ Dinner Dance.
Many people took pictures in front of the NYMHCA banner.
Award winners Dr. Kayte Conroy and Libby McGinn with NYMHCA Executive Director Judy Ritterman. From left to right: Libby McGinn, Judy Ritterman and Dr. Kayte Conroy.
Enthusiastic participants in Fred Dombrowski's DBT workshop!
Dr. Steve Birchak's hilarious keynote address!
Panel discussion with (from left to right): NYMHCA lobbyist Denise McGraw, Dr. David Hamilton from the NYS Office of Professions, NYMHCA lobbyist Heather Evans, OASAS Association Commissioner MaryAnn Di Christopher, and Art Terrazas, Director of Government Affairs for the American Counseling Association. The panel was moderated by NYMHCA President Dr. Robert Eschenauer.
Busy hallway in the exhibit area.
Dinner before the the DJ Dance!
Associate Commissioner MaryAnn DiChristopher presents NYMHCA President Bob Escheanuer with a proclamation signed by Gov. Cuomo that names March 29th, 2016 as Problem Gambling Awareness Day! NYMHCA is part of the Problem Gambling Training Partnership.
We should be proud!  The annual number of new LMHC's has steadlily grown as compared with our sister professions.
Legislative Advances

The NYS Legislative Session ended on June 17th.  Two of our bills made huge advances in the legislature:

 - Our bill to include the Mental Health Practitioners in all blanket coverage offered by insurance companies (sponsor Assemblyman Harry Bronson) easily passed the Assembly, but did not come up for a vote in the Senate.

 - Our bill to include the Mental Health Practitioners as Medicaid providers (sponsored by Sen. Diane Savino) passed in the Senate but did not advance in the Assembly.

The fact that both of these bills easily passed in each house speaks to our increasing recognition in Albany!  It also will make it easier to pass each of these bills in the next legislative session which begins in early January.
Continuing Education Requirement Schedule

Many of you are asking us about what CEU's you might need beginning in 2017 Click here to see the schedule.
NY Problem Gambling Training Partnership

NYMHCA is a member of the Problem Gambling Training Partnership and has an active role in developing the partnership (with 4 other mental health professions) and the curriculum for the trainings. NYMHCA owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Kayte Conroy who represents NYMHCA on the Curriculum Committee and continues to work with the committee to improve the trainings. The 2nd training of the year was held in June on Long Island and was attended by wo hundred and fifty mental health professional. The final two trainings for 2016 will be held on September 8-9th in Schenectady and October 24-25th in Rochester. The 2-day trainings are FREE! For more information and to register go to:

New Membership Policies!

We are pleased to announce that members who renew their membership before their renewal date can now receive a FREE membership certificate suitable for framing!

In response to the needs of mental health counselors just beginning their professional careers, current student NYMHCA members are eligible for the New Professional reduced membership rate of $80 per year for 2 years instead of 1.  If you currently hold a New Professional membership you can extend that for an additional year!

For questions and concerns, please contact our office:
* NYMHCA needs to know if our members are getting their newsletters and other email messages from us. If you are a member and did not get the August newsletter sent in the last 2 weeks, please contact our office. If you have a university email address, you may not receive anything from us because the university spam filters bounce them. We suggest that you give us a private email address so that you can be sure you receive our mailings.
The Governor Signed the Landmark Mental Health Education Bill into Law!

This landmark legislation means that when middle schools and high schools teach about health (which they are mandated to do), they will also have to teach about mental health. Currently schools must teach about alcohol and substance abuse and some cancer screenings. Now, mental health has been added to that small list and that is a great victory for all New Yorkers. While some schools already teach about mental health, many do not. This will all change with the signing of this legislation.

This new law will have a major impact in high schools and middle schools. Over half of all individuals with mental health issues begin experiencing symptoms at age fourteen. Too often the signs are missed and young people will go without treatment for years, which impacts them academically, increases the likelihood of abusing alcohol and drugs, getting into legal trouble and in some cases tragically losing their lives to suicide completion. Mental health education in schools will impact youth in a positive way by providing them with knowledge about mental health so they can recognize signs in themselves and others when help is needed. Also, mental health education in schools will provide a greater understanding of these issues and will help reduce stigma and play a role in educating youth about suicide prevention.