NYMHCA Member Survey
Please take some time to answer the following questions.  We need to know what you, our members feel about the services we provide, and in what areas we can do a better job.
1.   What NYMHCA services give you value for your money?  Why?
2.  What NYMHCA services do NOT give you value for your money?  Why?
3.  What NYMHCA service would give you more value for your money if they were done differently?
4.  What products and services you see offered by other organizations would you like NYMHCA to offer?
5.  Please give us any additional thoughts on NYMHCA and the services we provide.
6.  Please estimate the number of years you have been a NYMHCA member:
7.  Do you currently hold a leadership position in NYMHCA?   Please click on all that
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