NYMHCA Marketing Manager Application
​Please provide us with a list of media platforms and programs you have experience and expertise with.  Examples:  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google ads, video programs, graphics, PowerPoint, etc.
Are you a NYMHCA member?
Are there media programs and platforms that you do not have experience with?  Please list all of them:
Please list at least 5 goals as part of a plan of action that you would draft as the NYMHCA Marketing Manager:
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The role of NYMHCA Marketing Manager is a full voting position on the NYMHCA Board of Directors with a term of 2 years.  The marketing manager reports to the NYMHCA Board of Directors at least every 3 months during board meetings and otherwise keeps the president and executive director up to date on their work and the work of his/her committee.

Here is the job description for this position:

Job Description:
     - Manage multiple social media platforms
     - Generate content and solicit content from NYMHCA leaders that aligns NYMHCA’s message   - 
       across multiple platforms
     - Identify outcome goals and implement a content calendar in line with these goals
     - Increase engagement and communication with users
     - Collect, analyze, and report social media data to the board on a quarterly basis
     - Chair a committee that will assist in media management

     - Experience managing multiple social media platforms: 1 year
     - Knowledge of social media platforms, digital marketing tools, and analytics
     - Ability to multitask and manage time effectively
     - Strong professional writing skills
     - Excellent communication skills

This position will be a full voting board position appointed by the current NYMHCA president for a term of 2 years and which can be renewed at the discretion of the NYMHCA president.

(NYMHCA membership is required)
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