Lobby Day 2019 Registration
On  May 20th NYMHCA will sponsor a lobby day in Albany.  This day will provide us with an opportunity for mental health counselors and NYMHCA to become better known among legislators and other governmental officials.  This will also be an opportunity for YOU to visit with your legislators to tell them about your experiences as a mental health counselor and provide them with information provided by our lobbyist.

Our lobbying group, Hinman Straub will be organizing lobby day and will make appoints for you to visit your legislators. First we will meet as a group and our lobbyists will instruct us on how to lobby before heading off to our meetings.  The day will run from  9:30 am until 3 pm to allow you plenty of time to get there and get home.  We will meet at 9:30 to receive printed materials and our meeting schedules before heading out to 11 am meetings.

The deadline for registering has passed.  Thank you for your interest in attending our Lobby Day!

First Name:
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Last Name:
Home Street Address:
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Email Address:
The name of my State Senator is:

The name of my Assemblyperson is:

*If you don't have the above information, it's ok.  As long as our lobbyists have your home address, they can easily find out who represents you in Albany.

Are you a NYMHCA Member?   

           If you are a NYMHCA chapter member please tell us the chapter name:

           Will you be attending Lobby Day with other members of your chapter?    

Are you a member of ACA-NY?     

             If so will you be attending with other ACA-NY members?   

Comments:  (Please tell us if you know or have met with either of your legislators before, know personally any legislators, or have other information we need to know.)
*Please be advised that NYMHCA is unable to provide food, snacks or travel expenses for Lobby Day.
Participation in a conference call to prepare registrants for the lobbying process is required.
I can participate on the conference call on Thursday, May 16th at 6 pm.
I can participate on the conference call on Thursday, May 9th at noon.
I cannot participate on either of the above dates.  Please explain.
* Information on how to sign onto the conference call will be forwarded to you a week prior to the call.
May 16th
May 9th