Licensure Examination Information and Preparation
New York Mental Health Counselors Association is pleased to offer examination preparation workshops that will help licensure candidates to pass the exam and become a Licensed Mental Health Counselors in New York.
The licensure examinations are given online at Pearson Profession Centers during every month at the following locations in NY: 

 - Albany
 - Brooklyn
 - East Syracuse
 - Endicott
 - Islandia
 - Lake Success
 - NYC (William St, and 2 locations at West 44th St.)
 - Rego Park
 - Rochester
  - Staten Island
 - Utica
 - Watertown
 - White Plains
 - Williamsville

Licensure Examination Preparation Workshops
Candidate Handbook.pdf
Candidate Handbook.pdf
Because the examinations are given when the candidates are ready, NYMHCA has decided to offer examination preparation workshops in 3 different formats.  Counselors can be trained individually, in small groups or in groups of up to 25 people. 

      Training for 1- 25 Counselors:     $275 per person  (NYMHCA Member)    $350 per person  (Non-Member)     

We have 25 trained presenters around the state willing to provide the workshops in all of the formats listed above.  With small groups, the presenter and the counselor(s) can determine the days and times of the training.  Although large group training is given over one weekend, small groups can be trained at the convenience of the presenter and counselor(s).

At the time of registration for an examination preparation workshop you will need to purchase:

      NCMHCE Study Guide from the NBCC (National Board for Certified 
      Counselors)  The order form for the guide can be found on the following page:

                      The guide costs $44.95.  Rush orders are possible.

      You need to bring the review book to the workshop along with a recent   
      copy  of the DSM 5 .  The workshop is based around the review book.

      We also suggest that you download the Candidate Handbook for State  
      Credentialing which is published by the NBCC, and can be accessed here if 
      you have an Acrobat Reader.  The handbook provides you with an overview of the 
      exam process from registration to  taking the exam, to sample questions.

      NCMHCE Exam Format.  The items on the National Clinical Mental Health             
      Counselor Examination are designed to sample a broad range of   
      competencies, rather than the recall of isolated facts.  The items assess 
      clinical problem solving ability, including identifying, analyzing, diagnosis, and 
      treating clients through the use of effective treatment planning principles.  
      The exam consists of ten clinical cases.  Each case is divided into 5-8 sections 
      classified as either information gathering or decision-making.  Check the 
      review book for examples of the above.  (We suggest that you do not take a    
      practice exam before taking the exam prep workshop.  You will gain more by 
      taking the practice exam during the workshop.)

      Workshop Agenda The workshop is designed to assist you to approach the   
      exam with confidence by understanding the structure and content of the 
      Study topics included are:

                      ~   An overview of the test and test-taking strategies
                      ~   Diagnosis
                      ~   Intake interviewing and assessment
                      ~   Treatment goal setting
                      ~   Theory
                      ~   Treatment outcomes
                      ~   Case examples
                      ~   Ethics review

      The Day of the Workshop.   Arrive at the workshop with: your exam review  
      book, a recent copy of the DSM, plenty of note-taking materials, and 
      highlighters.  Depending on the  number of people in the workshop and the 
      schedule you and the presenter have a greed upon, you might need to bring 
      lunch, snacks and drinks.  Please discuss this with your presenter.

       Once you have registered, you will be sent directions to where the workshop 
       will be held.  If you have any special needs or require handicapped access, 
       please let the presenter and the NYMHCA office know immediately.

      If You Fail the may take it the exam prep workshop again for free within 6 months from     
      the time you took the first workshop.  If you fail it a second time, you can take the exam prep workshop       one more time for free within 6 months from the time you took the second workshop.  If you register to 
      take the workshop over again and then do not attend, or you do not cancel your registration within 24 
      hours of the workshop start time, you will forfeit the offer of both free workshops.

Our licensure regulations do not require a candidate to take the license examination at any specific time after completing their graduate education.   Many counselors choose to take it immediately after graduation when their clinical education is fresh in their minds.  If a counselor fails the exam they still have plenty of time to take it again before their limited permit(s) runs out.

You will need to have your education verified and approved by the State Education Department before arranging to take the licensure exam.  To do that you need to submit Form 2: Certification of Professional Education and be notifed of approval.

Before making an appointment to take the licensure exam, you must first send in an application to the NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors).  You can download an application to take the licensure exam by going to:          

           ~ and clicking on State Examination Information
           ~   It costs $275 to take the exam

The NBCC will process your application and send it the NYS Education Department for approval. Once the approval is received by the NBCC, they will notify you with instructions on how to schedule an appointment to take the exam.  Once you have taken it, the NBCC will forward your score to you and the NYS Education Department.
CONTACT HOURS are available for the exam prep workshop for those who need them. Your workshop presenter will give them out when the workshop is completed.

ACA Ethical Code.pdf
ACA Ethical Code.pdf
AMHCA Code of Ethics .pdf
AMHCA Code of Ethics .pdf
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Schedule of Licensure Exams:

     Visit for the current schedule of exam dates.