Graduate School Partnership Program
The New York Mental Health Counselors Association is the only professional organization in New York solely focused on supporting Mental Health Counselors at all levels – students, new professionals, professional members, counselor educators, and retired counselors. We have 2 lobbyists working for us to pass legislation that will level the playing field for counselors and help us better serve the public, but we need your support to keep advocating for Mental Health Counselors in New York.

We are pleased to offer a program that makes NYMHCA membership easy and affordable for current graduate students and faculty. You’ll find all the details below, but the main benefit to you and your students is a significantly reduced cost for NYMHCA membership!

Some ideas about how to do this:

  • Find a time to discuss the benefits of NYMHCA membership with your mental health  
    counseling students. If your program holds an orientation for new students or a 
    meeting for all students, this would be an ideal time. 

 -  Distribute the “Why Join NYMHCA?” letter (see below) and the handout about the graduate program 
    partnerships (also below). One of the best benefits of the partnership program is that students can 
    join for only $50, which includes their local chapter membership NYMHCA members are also eligible 
    for the reduced registration fees for NYMHCA events.

  • We are also looking for a Student Ambassador for each program – a conscientious 
    student who can be a liaison between your students and the NYMHCA board. We will 
    waive the membership dues for that student for one year. If one of your students is 
    interested, please notify Lauren Finke, NYMHCA Student Representative:

  • Faculty are eligible for this program, too. This includes adjunct and affiliate faculty. Be 
    sure to send us those names, too.

For those graduate counseling programs that want to partner with NYMHCA, we are offering a discounted rate for both students and faculty!

     -$50 for a one-year student membership - that includes a local chapter membership  Savings of $25!

     -$100 for a one-year professional membership for a faculty member, including a local chapter           
          membership  Savings of $55!

  Programs need to identify the number of students required in order to qualify for the discount:

     •For a school with 5 – 20 students in their mental health counseling program, at least 5           
       students would want to join NYMHCA.

     •For a school with 21 – 50 students, at least 10 students would want to join NYMHCA.

     •For a school with 51 + students, at least 15 students would want to join NYMHCA.

     •For faculty…. at least 3 faculty members would want to join NYMHCA.

*For the graduate programs that require NYMHCA membership, NYMHCA will send enamel NYMHCA pins for each student and faculty member who joins.  Just let us know that NYMHCA membership is mandatory in your program.

To become a NYMHCA Partner, a program representative needs to send NYMHCA a list of the names of the students and faculty who want to join with their email addresses (see partnership letter below for printable forms). Once we receive the list, the students and/or faculty members will be advised to complete their membership application on the NYMHCA website and pay the discounted rate within 30 days of signing the form.
How to become a NYMHCA Partner: