License Exam Preparation Workshop Registration
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Training of 1-25 people:     $275 per person (NYMHCA Member)    $350 per person  (Non-Member)     

You can only register for a workshop if you have contacted a presenter and have received a commitment from the presenter and a date of the training.  No presenter listed on this website can offer a workshop that is not sponsored by NYMHCA.

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Printable RegistrationForm.pdf
Printable RegistrationForm.pdf
  *You must register for a workshop at least 24 hours before it begins.  Anyone who attempts to       register less than 24 hours before a workshop will not be on the presenter's registrant list and   will NOT be admitted!

 To ensure your admittance to a workshop, we suggest that you bring with you a copy of the email   confirmation of your registration that you received from our office.
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