Call for Convention Program Proposals 
                                                                              NYMHCA 2020 Convention
                                                                  April 3 - 5th, 2020
                                                                  Albany Marriott Hotel, Albany, NY

                    Transitions and Transformation in Counseling and Counselor Education

        1.  Directions:  Anyone may submit a proposal to the NYMHCA Program Committee.  The information to follow will help you
             submit a complete and thorough proposal.  Please take the time to read each item before completing the proposal form and
             clicking the "submit" button.  You must submit additional forms if you want to present more than one workshop.

                The online form below is the only way to submit a proposal!  No hard copies will be accepted.

         2. Program Strands:  As part of the proposal format, please choose a strand into which your proposal fits.  “Strands” are the
              convention categories that your topic most represent.  Strands are: Clinical Intervention; Evidence Based Practice; Cross Disciplinary Offerings; 
              Behavioral and Social Sciences; Patient Communications; Record Keeping, and Matters Related to Law and Ethics

          3.  Types of Programs:

              A.   Pre-convention Workshops (3 hours): An opportunity to delve in depth into a presenter's area of expertise. A $300 
                    honorarium is offered for this presentation. These workshops are given on Friday afternoon, April 3rd from 3-6 pm, 
                    prior to the kicking off of the convention.  (honorarium)

               B   Workshops (75 minutes): Workshop/interactive format; didactic overview with experiential exercises, demonstration, 
                     group work, etc. expected; handouts strongly recommended. (no honorarium)

              C.   Double Workshops (2 1/2 hours in total). A double workshop can be presented for 2 consecutive workshop periods 
                    or on different days. (no honorarium)

              D.   Poster Sessions (45 minutes):  For students only, Informal format; small group discussions around an easel exposing topics germane to
                     counselors; handouts expected. Posters offer the opportunity to present data and have substantive discussions with interested colleagues. The audience
                     circulates among the posters, stopping to discuss papers of particular interest to them. Authors present their papers using a visual medium with key  
                     excerpts from the papers displayed on one side of a standard poster board. (no honorarium)

        4.  Submission Information: Please be clear and concise in all aspects of your proposal.

            A.     Complete each item on the proposal form, following the directions provided. 

            B.     The Program Committee will review all programs and decisions will be based on quality, clarity, and relationship to
                    convention theme and strands. Deadline for proposal submissions is November 7th, 2019. with notification of acceptance 
                    by December 1st, 2019.

            C.    All presenters must be paid registrants at the convention but will receive a 30% discount on their general convention registration.
                   The discount is not applicable to fees for convention events other than registration.  Those receiving honorariums will 
                   not be eligible for a discount.  Presenters are required to register for the convention by March 1st, 2020.  Presenters who do not register by that date                               may not be allowed to present.

            D.     Presenters are responsible for all travel, hotel, food and other expenses.

            E.    Specify all AV needs below.  Epson LED projectors will be set up in each room.  Due to the many types of laptops that may be used, 
                   we ask that presenters bring data connection cords that allow their device to connect to our Epson projectors' VGA ports. For your convenience, we can                             provide easels and newspaper print pads for your presentation.  Internet access is available to all presenters free of charge!

            F.     Presenters should bring to the convention at least 50 copies of handout materials and and have materials available to send to participants by email upon                             request or posted online.  Presenters should not sell any products or services during their workshops.  Presenters who want to sell products 
                   or services are encouraged to reserve exhibition space.

          H.   Presenters who submit multiple program submissions can expect that no more than 2 of them will be accepted to allow as many people as possible to present.

            I.     We suggest that you print off a copy of the completed submission form for your records. 
Program Submission Form
Title of Program:
Workshop Strand:  (Choose one from list below)
Type of Program:   (Check one)
Abstract:  (No more than 50 words.  To be used for conference brochure)
Program Description:  No more than 200 words.  This needs to be a concise description of topics to be presented, as well as the presentation format, teaching methods implemented, current research and/or supportive evidence on your topic, and materials used.  
*The Convention Program Committee will base their decision on the program description and learning objectives.  The program description will not appear in the convention booklet.

Please provide us with the following information:  
Primary Presenter's Name:
Mailing Address:
Telephone # (Day):
Telephone # (Evening):
Primary Presenter's Email Address:
Is there a preferred day/time to present your workshop?  Choices are: Saturday morning or afternoon and Sunday morning.  If you have no preference, please state that.  Pre-convention workshops are only given on Friday afternoon.  
           Please note that we will not be able to honor everyone's request for a preferred day/time.
Please list your AV requests below: 

            - All rooms will have LED projectors and screens.  
            - All presenters will have internet access. 
            - You will need to bring your own laptop and we suggest that you bring the special cable to connect to the projector if you have an 
              Apple product in case we do not have the connector specific to your laptop.

                         - All rooms will be set up in theater style.  If you need a different room arrangement, include it in your AV requests.  We will let you                                            know if we are able to accommodate you.
45 minutes.  Students only and not eligible for continuing education hours.
Please tell us about the education, experience or expertise that has prepared you to give the workshop you are proposing.  This information is just for the purpose of approving workshop proposals and will not appear in any online or printed convention materials.
As the primary presenter for the above proposal, I attest to the fact that the information provided in the presentation will be true and accurate, and that I have read and agreed to the rules and instructions above.
Primary Presenter Name:
Continuing Education Info for Presenters:

     - All proposals will be considered for continuing education hours except for those of poster presentations.

​     - An approved presenter can get credit for the time presenting the workshop and up to 2 hours of prep time for a 1 hour and 15 minute presentation.     
       That could give them 3 contact hours toward their own continuing education requirements.

     - After submitting this form all presenters included in a workshop proposal must forward their Curricula Vitae (CV) or resume                             
       to:    In the subject line of your email put:  Convention Program Proposal.

Who will your presentation be geared towards?  Check all that apply:
1.25 hours
2.5 hours
3 hours - Friday afternoon, April 3rd
Workshop Strands:

  -  Clinical Intervention   (ex: DBT, Play Therapy, etc.)
  -  Evidence Based Practice   (ex: CBT for Trauma Therapy, etc.)
  -  Cross Disciplinary Offerings   (from medicine, law, administration, education)
  -  Behavioral and Social Sciences   (related to mental health counseling practice)
  -  Patient Communications   (ex: use of technology with clients, etc.)
    -Record Keeping   (ex: writing progress notes, etc.)
  -  Matters related to law and ethics   (that contribute to professional practice in mental health counseling and the health, safety,          and/or welfare of the public)

Please list 3 learning objectives for your workshop:  -  Your learning objectives should begin with "After this workshop, participants will....."
2nd Presenter's Name:
3rd Presenter's Name:
Would you be willing to record a brief (1 to 2 minutes) video to be posted on the NYMHCA website and YouTube channel to advertise your workshop?  If yes....instructions will be forwarded to you once your presentation has been approved.
Pre-Convention Workshop
Poster Session
Double Workshop
Counselor Educators
Practicing Counselors
Counselor Supervisors