What is CLANY?

CLANY, stands for Counselors for Legislative Action in New York and is the political action committee (PAC) formed by New York Mental Health Counselors Association for the purpose of advancing our profession's political agenda in New York. CLANY is one of the ways to exert our political influence. CLANY collects voluntary contributions from mental health counselors around the state and then distributes them to the campaigns of candidates for the New York State Legislature.

Why do mental health counselors need a PAC?

As a regulated profession in New York State, mental health counseling is subject to the enactment of laws and regulations which can have a dramatic impact not only on the practice of mental health counseling but on our ability to earn an income. Legislative policy typically gets constructed and enacted within the context of competing groups (like NYMHCA) who have a special interest in the enactment of the policy in question. These special interest groups are organized into political action committees (PACs) for the purpose of gaining access to legislators so that they can be heard and therefore have a say in the legislation being proposed.

Why is it important to make a contribution through CLANY?

When a contribution comes from a PAC, a candidate knows what issues are important to mental health counselors because PAC contributions have perceived value and credibility that is important to them.

Why can't NYMHCA use dues money to support candidates?

NYMHCA is a tax exempt, professional organization and is prohibited from using its dues revenues for donations to political campaign. CLANY was established as a PAC so that it could give mental health counselors a voice in the New York State political arena.

Please make a contribution to CLANY today!  

There are 4 Payment Options:

        1. Make your check payable to "NYMHCA" and mail to:
              206 Greenbelt Parkway
              Holbrook, New York  11741
         *On the memo line at the bottom of your check, please write "Donation to CLANY."

        2. Using your PayPal account.

                  To Make an Online Payment using PayPal acount:


        3. Call our office and our office administrator will take your credit
              card  information and process the donation for you.   1-800-4-

         4. Schedule a monthly donation of an amount of your choosing.  It will                                                                    automatically be charged to your credit card account at the beginning 
              of every month.  To arrange for this donation plan, please contact our
              office.  1-800-4-NYMHCA

Suggested Donation Amounts:
            -  $ 50.00
            -  $ 100.00
            -  $ 500.00
            -  $ 1,500.00
            -  $ 2500.00

Thank you for donating to the NYMHCA PAC.  Your commitment and generosity enable us to continue our work on your behalf!

*Note:  Donations to CLANY are not considered a charitable deduction by the IRS, and cannot be refunded.