New York Mental Health Counselors Association

Continuing Education Presenter Application

Lead Presenter Name:
Degree and Credentials:
Title:   (Mr., Ms. Dr., etc.)
Organization/University/Agency:  (List all that apply)
Mailing address:
Description of presentation:    Please include citations of current research on your topic.

   As required by the New York State Department of Education, please submit the 
   following  by email  with your completed form:

     - A CV (resume) that documents your preparedness and experience in presenting on your topic. 
       Send your CV/resume in the following formats:  PDF, DOC or DOCX.  Do not send a JPEG.

Additional Presenter Name:
​2nd Presenter - Organization/University/Agency: (List all that apply)
​2nd Presenter Mailing Address:
2nd Presenter Phone:
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* Your application will be forwarded to our Continuing Education Committee for their review and 
   approval.  They will contact you if they have questions and in regard to the status of your application.
Do you have a physical location, date and time scheduled for your proposed workshop?  If so...........
Location:  (If NYMHCA Regional Chapter, state which one)
*Start time:
Length of Presentation:

Will this workshop be:    (Choose all that apply)
~  a single workshop or event?
 ~  the first in a series of workshops with a unified theme?
 ~  a NYMHCA Convention workshop?
 ~  a live in-person  Zoom webinar?
~  Other?  Please explain.
  Please provide us with at least 3 learning objectives for your presentation. Each objective should begin  
  with "After this workshop, participants will....."
Here is the list of acceptable content for continuing education presentations for LMHC's as defined by the 

NYS Education Department:        (Choose as many as applies)

I hour of presentation = 1 contact hour (CEU)
Please describe the teaching methods you will use. and techniques you would use to engage a digital audience in your presentation. For example: Powerpoint, overhead projector, printed materials, group interaction, lecture, practice demonstrations, etc.  And tell us of AV needs for your presentation.
* End time:
Contact Us
~  same workshop/same content given multiple times?
Presentation Title:
ie., DBT, Play Therapy, etc.
ie., CBT for Trauma Therapy, etc.
from medicine, law, administration and education
related to mental health counseling practice
which contribute to professional practice in mental health counseling and the health, safety and/or welfare of the public
 ~  a presentation given by an independent presenter or organization?
 ~  a presentation given for a NYMHCA regional chapter?
Please provide a 2 sentence description of your workshop to be used for advertising purposes:
*Please do not click on the button to submit your application before uploading or emailing your resume or CV!
Would you be willing to record a video of yourself describing your workshop and what attendees will learn and experience?  

       - You can use your cell phone and the  video should be no longer than 5 minutes.  It will be posted on the NYMHCA 
         YouTube channel and we will place a link to the video next to the posting of your workshop on our webpage.

        If you answered yes, you will be contacted and given instructions for submitting your video once your proposal has been approved.
Presenter's website:
 a recorded Zoom webinar?
 Please note:  In-   person   presentations   are  suspended   due to the   pandemic.  All   presentations   will be offered   on  Zoom as   webinars until   further notice.

Start and end times as well as the length of your presentation are still required.
Would you be interested in giving your webinar (and other presentations) for the NYMHCA Virtual Convention - Summer 2021, and/or the NYMHCA In-Person Convention in Albany - April 2022?
I am interested in presenting during the NYMHCA Virtual Convention - Summer 2021.
I am interested in presenting during the NYMHCA In-Person Convention in Albany - April 2022.
 If you checked yes to either or both options above, you will be contacted by our Convention   Committee with instructions on how to submit a presentation proposal for those events.
Webinars not sponsored by a NYMHCA chapter need to be at least 2 hours long.
Please tell us about the education, experience, research and expertise that has prepared you to give the workshop you are proposing. This information is just for the purpose of approving workshop proposals and will not appear in any online materials.
Clinical Intervention:
Evidence Based Practice:
Cross Disciplinary Offerings:
Behavioral and Social Sciences:
Record Keeping
Matters related to law or ethics:
Patient Communications
Yes I will do a videoNo video