NYMHCA Board of Directors Job Descriptions
NYMHCA President Job Description

The President is a voting volunteer member of the Board of Directors responsible for assisting in the development of 
  the association and an ex-officio member of all NYMHCA committees and task forces.   
     - This is a 6 year board of directors commitment to NYMHCA as the president-elect position is for 2 years, followed 
        by 2 years as president, followed by 2 years as past-president. 
     -  The president of NYMHCA is a professional member who holds a New York State license as a mental health 
        counselor.  It is preferable that (s)he also have leadership experience in NYMHCA prior to running for office.

Role:  The role of the president is to work in collaboration with the executive director to oversee the implementation programs, policies, and procedures for the New York Mental Health Counselors Association, as they are adopted by the board directors.

The functions of the NYMHCA President include:

Program Related:
  1. Develops and executes programs
  2. Attends and participates in all chapter leader and committee meetings as determined necessary
  3. Facilitates, coordinates, and monitors efforts to achieve strategic plan goals and objectives
  4. Providing for program continuity and consistency
  5. Providing assistance and direction for recruitment and retention of membership 
  6. Assists and provides consultation for marketing programs regarding the promotion of NYMHCA to consumers of  
     mental health services, other professional associations, educational programs, and to companies providing 
     products or professional services related to mental health

Board of Directors Related:

   1.   Assures that the board of directors fulfills its responsibilities to the 
         governance of the association.
   2.   Optimize the relationship between the board and the Executive Director.
   3.   Presides over the board meetings and of member meetings.
   4.   Recommends composition of the board committees and chair and 
         representative appointments.
   5.   Prepares annual review of salaried staff for consideration by the board of 
         directors and make recommendations as needed.
   6.   With the executive director, represents NYMHCA in meetings in Albany 
         with legislators, state agency staff members and others related to 
         NYMHCA’s legislative agenda. 
   7.   Sign and deliver in the name of the corporation deeds, mortgages, bonds, 
         contracts or other instruments pertaining to the business of the 
         corporation, except in cases in which the authority to sign and deliver is 
         required by law to be exercised by another person or is expressly 
         delegated by the articles or bylaws or by the board to another officer or 
         agent of the corporation; generates ideas regarding the future of the 
         association and the profession and revisions of the association's 
         strategic plan;
   8.   Establishes and maintains relationships with other professional 
         organizations; including American Mental Health Counselors Association 
         (AMHCA), the American Counselors Association (ACA) and the New York 
         Counselors Association (NYCA).
   9.   Facilitates and maintains communication between and amongst board 
         members, committee chairs, and other volunteer leaders as necessary;  
  10.  Helps to develops non-dues revenue sources;  
  11.  Represents the board and the profession in an appropriate manner at all 
  12.  Challenges and motivates the association to creatively attain and maintain 
         it’s rightful spot in the mental health care marketplace; 
  13.  Assists in the development and implementation of an effective government 
         relations program to represent the interests of the association 
         membership to legislators and government agencies
  14.  Aassists in the drafting, updating and revising of NYMHCA Governance 


     •General: When appropriate, acts as the president in his or her absence; 
       assists the president on the above or other specified duties. 
     •Special Responsibilities: special area of responsibility, such as, 
       membership public awareness, strategic planning, or other special project 
       to be determined by the President

Past - President:

General: When appropriate, acts as the president in his or her absence; 
       assists the president on the above or other specified duties. 
Special Responsibilities: special area of responsibility, such as, 
       nominations and elections and ethics and by laws or other special project 
       to be determined by the President. 

Student Representative Job Description

Each year NYMHCA seeks a new student representative to the NYMHCA board of directors.  The student is appointed by the NYMHCA president to a full voting position on the board.  This means that the student's vote has equal weight with other board members.

The term of office for the student representative is one year.  Their term begins July 1st and ends on June 30th the following year.   The requirements and responsibilities are as follows:

~   The applicant needs to be a NYMHCA member in good standing
~   The applicant must have at least one more year of graduate  
      education after July of the current year
~   The applicant must be willing to play an active role in moving NYMHCA and 
      the profession forward by working collaboratively with the Membership Chair to increase and 
      maintain student memberships.
~   The applicant must be prepared to write brief articles about student 
     concerns for each NYMHCA Quarterly (4 times a year), and the Counselor 
     Educator Newsletter  (2 times a year)
~   The applicant must be available for 4 board meetings a year (on Saturday 
     mornings) which are convened as conference calls.  One of the meetings takes place in April of 
     each year in Albany.

Membership Chair Committee Job Description

This job description includes activities which do not usually fall under the title.  NYMHCA needs someone to spread the word about NYMHCA and licensure in addition to actively recruiting new members.  That means the membership chair needs to find as many ways as possible to advertise NYMHCA and its services.  The membership chair’s duties also include:

-Keeping a file of all professional organizations that might need or want pieces for the newsletters 
       on NYMHCA and NYMHCA events.  Contact them and find out what they need and how to submit 
       to them. 
- Establish a Membership Committee that will develop methods of bringing in new members and keeping the 
       current ones.
-Provide counselor education programs in NY with membership material for faculty and students..
-Writing a column for the NYMHCA Quarterly newsletter encouraging continued and new 
       membership…and why it is important for the profession.
-Checking to see what other organizations do to bring in members.  Implement any useful ideas.
-Making a list of everything NYMHCA has done and is doing to advance the profession of mental 
       health counseling in NY.  Provide that list to interested parties.


Board Secretary Job Description

The secretary to the NYMHCA board of directors is required to attend all quarterly board meetings and take the minutes of those meetings.  The secretary writes up the minutes after the meeting and distributes them to the board members in a timely manner.  He/she maintains a file of meeting minutes for the organizational archives. He/she may also be called on by the president for assistance in any number of NYMHCA programs or activities.  The secretary can also suggest possible duties and projects as befitting the job.


Treasurer Job Description

The role of the treasurer is to work collaboratively with the NYMHCA Executive Director, the office administrator and the NYMHCA accountant to ensure that the accounts holding the organization's money are up to date and money not needed for the daily running of the organization is working to build assets.  Good bookkeeping skills and financial knowledge are required.

Regional Chapter Coordinator  (appointed by current NYMHCA president)

The Regional Chapter Coordinator is a full voting NYMHCA board position.
The coordinator will establish and maintain close working relationships with the regional chapter 

The RCC will ensure that the NYMHCA bylaws are being followed in each chapter and that the chapters are 
   holding regular board meetings and elections.

• The RCC will present reports to the NYMHCA board outlining the activities of each chapter.

The RCC will hold regular meetings with chapter leaders.  These meetings will take place in person, or by 
       conference call.
The RCC will interview prospective chapter coordinators and present an outline to the board, of the 
        reasons why a new chapter would benefit NYMHCA and the counselors it would serve.

The RCC will run the meetings of chapter presidents held at the annual meeting/conference.