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2020 Virtual Convention Registration
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*If you are a student, please tell us the name of your graduate program:
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There are 3 ways to register for our virtual convention:

  ~ You can register for the full convention which includes all events, meetings and all regular workshops.  Extended workshops are an 
       additional fee. 

         - Full Convention - for NYMHCA Members:   $205
         - Full Convention - for Non-Members:  $245
         - Full Convention for Student NYMHCA Members: $160
         - Full Convention for Student Non-members: $190

  ~ You can register just for an extended workshop.  

       Extended Workshops are:
          - $100 each (3 CEUs) 
          - $125 for the Telehealth Extended workshop (4 CEUs)

  ~ You can also register for any of the regular workshops individually for:

             - Just $15 per regular workshop for NYMHCA members 
             - Or just $20 per regular workshop for non-members.

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*You can earn up to 23.5 CEUs by registering for the Full Convention!!
All workshops and events will be recorded and will be available for review and for earning CEUs for 3 months after August 4th!

NYMHCA Member Full Convention
Non-Member Full Convention
Student Member Full Convention
Student Non-Member Full Convention
Telehealth Clinical Skills     (CLOSED)
Extended Workshops:
Growing You Private Practice  
Guide to Trauma and Dissociation  
Full Convention Registration
If you are not registering for the full convention but are registering for an extended workshop and/or for individual regular workshops, please check off the numbers of the workshops you want to attend.  The numbers appear on the convention info page next to the title and description of each workshop.
Regular Workshops:
Registration Subtotal:
Registration Subtotal:
Registration Subtotal:
Total Amount Due:
 Choose as many workshops as you want to attend.

 - The fee is $15 per workshop for    
     NYMHCA members who did not register 
     for the full convention.

 - $20 per workshop for non-members who 
    did not register for the full convention.
Register for Free Events!

 - If you are registered for the full convention, consider joining the FREE yoga and meditation sessions.  You 
    must register for them in order to participate:

          - Yoga  - Friday, July 31st at 8 AM              

                     - Sunday, August 2nd at 8 AM

          - Meditation - Saturday, August 1st at 8 AM

                               - Monday, August 3rd at 8 AM

           - Poster Sessions  -  Saturday, August 1st from 7- 9 PM

NYMHCA is pleased to offer the meetings of Counselor Educators and Students/New Grads to anyone who wants to participate, free of charge.  You must register for these meetings here:

            - Counselor Educator Meeting - Sunday, August 2nd at 5:30 PM

            -  Student/New Grad Meeting - Sunday, August 2nd at 7:15 PM

Thursday, July 30th, Evening Event - Welcome, Awards and Keynote Address
The following events are included in your full convention registration but you must register to be included:
Friday, July 31st State of the Profession Panel Discussion
Are you a NYMHCA member?
 Refund Policy:

  - NYMHCA will refund registration fees paid for the 2020 Virtual Convention based on the following scale:
  - NYMHCA will retain a processing fee of 20% of the total of paid fees if the fees exceed $60.
  -If the total fees are less than $60, no processing fee will be taken.
  -No refunds will be made for no-shows.
  -Refunds minus the 20% processing fee must be requested by July 20th. No refunds can be issued after that date.

 Contact our office for more information.

Double Workshop
Double Workshop
Friday Yoga
Sunday Yoga
Monday Meditation
Saturday Meditation
Student/New Grad Meeting
Counselor Educator Meeting
I will attend the Panel Discussion
I will attend the Welcome and Keynote Address.
Poster Sessions